Claisse LeNeo was launched in 2014. It’s a one-position instrument that is used in various types of industries.

Read the following lines to discover why it’s the right instrument to use in universities and colleges’ labs.

Reason 1 – Safety

The safety of students should always be an academic institution’s main concern. Manual fusion is often used in colleges and universities’ laboratories, but it involves the manipulation of hot vessels and is not representative of technologies used in the labor market. By being fully automatic, LeNeo instrument guarantees cold-to-cold operation and avoids the risk of injuries among inexperienced users.

Reason 2 – Versatility

Undergraduate students need to get familiar with many concepts and techniques while they are studying chemistry, geochemistry or other materials sciences. They might learn how to prepare samples for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis and to perform borate or peroxide fusions for ICP or AA analysis all at the same time. LeNeo was designed to perform all these types of fusion, it’s like having three instruments in one. It also has a large temperature range to control the oxidation of various types of samples.

Reason 3 – User-friendliness and low cost of ownership

This product is easy to use, students can spend their valuable time learning chemistry instead of wasting time trying to understand how a complicated laboratory instrument works. LeNeo does not require a special aftersales service contract. The maintenance is simple and well-explained in the documentation. It can be performed by the user himself.

Reason 4 – Trustworthy results

The use of Claisse LeNeo leads to the obtention of highly repeatable and accurate analytical results, which is essential in an environment where exactness and quality of work matter.

To conclude, the academic industry has its own reality, and not all types of fusion instruments fulfill its needs. Contact Malvern Panalytical experts today and see how we can make the difference in your laboratory.

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