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Here at Malvern Panalytical Germany, we are busy preparing for one of our biggest exhibitions: Achema 2018, which is taking place from 11-15 June. This big, busy, exciting meeting, the ‘World Forum of Chemical Technology and Process Industry‘ takes place only once every 3 years, attracting more than 3,800 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors (2015) to Frankfurt am Main. Read that again – almost a quarter of a million visitors, over 15 exhibition halls!  This results in a vibrant, bustling atmosphere with a wealth of people to meet and talk to, not to mention all of the exciting technologies, ideas, and products to investigate.

The sheer size of the event may be daunting, though, so we have put together this guide which can be applied to any large meeting and hopes to help you make the most of your time and ensure you don’t miss THE solution you need, amongst all these innovations. And, just to make sure you don’t miss Malvern Panalytical this year, you’ll find us in hall 4.1 at booth D51, ready to answer all your questions, or perhaps help you to have a breather from the crowds!


Without concrete goals, you could easily miss something really important or worthwhile. Whether you have a specific project, are looking for new solutions or just want to rediscover the market, make sure to think things through. Which topics and questions are key to your project’s success? Which solution would contribute the highest value to your process? Which new issues are starting to appear on the horizon? Which technologies do you need to choose between, and which are the companies offering them? What could simply make your life easier? Think outside the box here, too!


Scan the exhibition topics, agenda, and the web to find solutions that match your key goals, questions, and interests.

What does the exhibition program look like, and are there any interesting lectures being presented?

At Achema, for example, a congress takes place parallel to the actual fair. To make planning easier, you can create your own individual schedule online with the congress planner.

Don’t miss our lecture by Dr. R Stephen Ward-Smith on Friday at 10:30 am, on How the products we use daily have been engineered to work.

Which companies do you think of when you consider your goals and questions; which web search results do you get? Which innovations have you recently read about, and which fair halls seem to focus on your key interests?

Scan the Achema Newsletters of the exhibitors, search the web, and find the exhibitor list on Make a note of the booths and hall numbers of those exhibitors you’d like to visit and sanity check halls that seem to meet your key interests. Malvern Panalytical, for example, will be exhibiting in Hall 4.1, which covers ‘Laboratory and Analytical Techniques’, but we could just as easily have been placed in the hall covering ‘measurement, control, and process control’, due to our real-time analysis process systems. Calculate the average visit time for each exhibitor – does this seem realistic? If you’re unsure whether an exhibitor is really worth your visit, save yourself some time on the day itself and call them in advance to see if the visit will be worthwhile.  If it is, perhaps schedule a private meeting with them.

In addition to the expertise of our national and international specialists, you can expect the following solutions at the Malvern Panalytical stand:

  • Particle and molecule size and zeta potential analysis using Dynamic and Electrophoretic Light Scattering – Revolutionized – on display for the first time in Germany since their launch on May 23rd, 2018: The NEW Zetasizer Pro and Ultra
  • Particle size, shape, and chemical identification with automated imaging analysis & Raman spectroscopy – the NEW Morphologi 4-ID
  • Elemental analysis with the new, compact energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF): the NEW Epsilon 4 and for real-time analysis in-process, the Epsilon X-Flow
  • Particle size from nano to macro using laser diffraction: Mastersizer 3000 and for real-time analysis in-process, Insitec
  • See and track nanoparticles using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis with NanoSight
  • Viscosity and viscoelasticity determination with plug & play rheology: Kinexus
    Elemental analysis with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (WDXRF): Zetium
  • Sample preparation with fusion – the NEW Claisse LeDoser-12
  • Phase and crystal analysis with X-ray diffraction – the compact Aeris and the multifunctional Empyrean
  • Virtual presentation of our exciting Bio portfolio: Viscosizer TD (TDA), Archimedes (RMM), OMNISEC (GPC / SEC), Protein stability & interaction analysis with Microcalorimetry: MicroCal DSC & ITC
  1. PLAN

By this point, you’ve done most of the hard work.  Now, for the final phase of planning, take a closer look at the hall plans – you can find a downloadable PDF of the Achema exhibitor plan by clicking through – highlight your target exhibitors and plan a route according to your priorities. To make sure that all runs smoothly, factor in those appointments arranged in advance so that the respective specialist will have time for you as you as soon as you arrive (for Malvern Panalytical appointments, please contact us via e-mail). Buffer times for lunch and coffee breaks in the fresh air mustn’t be forgotten, of course – these are vital for keeping you going and making sure you reach appointments and lectures on-time, without having to rush through those 240,000 attendees! So, now you have your schedule, don’t forget your free Achema ticket with online registration and ‘fast lane entrance’ to the fair, so that no time will be wasted (we’d happy to send you a free entry ticket – just send us an e-mail).


Here goes! In addition to comfortable shoes, a water bottle, maybe some snacks, and perhaps a powerbank, don’t forget your notebook, specifications/project overviews, trade fair planning, entry ticket and your business cards! Record interesting insights from the conversations you have along your route, scan the buzzwords you notice on the booths and use those buffer times productively for additional conversations – but remember to stay on schedule! We find that chocolates are an excellent source of both energy and motivation – if you’ve forgotten to pack some, we are happy to help out in Hall 4.1 Stand D51, together with a good coffee!


Almost done: On your way home, remember to factor in some time for post-processing. Mentally retrace your steps along the route, remembering your conversations, scanning your notes and looking at your handouts and the business cards and brochures you’ve collected. Request that important information directly from the contacts you’ve made, and take to the web for more information and opinions. Create a rough, next-step action plan for your originally-defined goals and issues.

So, what do you think? Was your visit a success and your time well-spent?

We wish you a successful exhibition and look forward to seeing you at the
Achema 2018 in hall 4.1, booth D51!