Are you the owner and end user of a Malvern Panalytical ASD spectrometer or spectroradiometer?

If so, you are already a winner! 🙂



You are invited to share with us as we would love to see how you are using the ASD instrument!

  1. Send us a picture of yourself actively using an ASD FieldSpec, TerraSpec, QualitySpec, or LabSpec instrument out in the field or in the lab.
  2. Tell us about your application use and research that you are conducting (i.e. crop and soil analysis, ground truthing, mineral exploration, natural ecosystem studies, leaf chemistry, snow and ice properties research, food manufacturing, art forensic analysis, pharmaceutical development, etc.).
  3. Finally, be sure to include your contact information (first and last name, organization, email, phone number).

As a thank you for your submission, we will enter you in our raffle contest where you will have a chance at one of our four $25 Amazon gift cards, and for our grand prize of a $200 Amazon gift card!

Send in your picture, application use, and contact information to:!

*Deadline to submit pictures is September 30, 2018. Malvern Panalytical reserves the right to use the winning pictures in future marketing efforts