Severn Trent and Malvern Panalytical share award for the development of an online Zetasizer for fully automated coagulation control

Water-Industry-Award-300x270Great news for the fans of zeta potential in water treatment! Zetasizer WT, the first commercial on-line zeta potential analyzer has been awarded a first place by the UK water industry in the category of “Most innovative use of existing technology”. The project titled “Online Zetasizer for fully automated coagulation control” is a collaboration between Severn Trent Water and Malvern Panalytical to enable a fully automatic control of coagulant dosing in a full-scale water treatment facility using zeta potential as a key process performance indicator.

Optimization and automation of coagulant dosing is of great importance to plant operations due to the high cost of chemicals and the criticality of the coagulation/flocculation process for downstream filter performance and mitigation of DbP’s (Disinfection byproducts). In the last few years, zeta potential has gained a lot of popularity in the industry as a fast and accurate means of monitoring the effectiveness of applied chemical dose in neutralizing the electrostatic charge around contaminant particles.  Ease of use, precision, and sensitivity of the Zetasizer makes it a trusted tool for the plant operators and increases their confidence to making dosing decisions. This often translates into significant financial benefits for the plant where traditional techniques like jar tests and the uncertainty associated with the old methods result in chemical overdosing on the order of 20%.

Water industry Awards 2018

Further development and transition of the technology from the laboratory into the plant as an online, automated analyzer enabled the team to take the next natural step – use the on-line data to make dosing changes automatically. This was achieved after extensive validation of the on-line technology, including a comparison of laboratory and on-line results, to a point where the plant team was confident in implementing dose control automation.  It is very exciting to see the work of both teams recognized with a prestigious award! Congratulations and well done to all involved!

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