LeDoser-12-300x270The weighing step is of major importance in sample preparation by fusion since it has a direct impact on the analytical results.

Let’s see five best practices to ensure repeatability and productivity while weighing.


Find the right weighing method

There are three weighing methods in sample preparation: sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight and manual weighing. The far best choice is sample-to-flux ratio since it ensures great repeatability and can be performed automatically using LeDoser-12 instrument. With this method, no software correction is required.

Avoid transferring the weighed content into a different container

You should always weigh the sample and the flux directly in the platinum crucible. That way, you avoid incomplete transfer from one container to another. Remember that there will always be some particles sticking to a disposable container’s walls and that it will affect your relative standard deviation (RSD).


Stop wasting time!

Did you know that 65% of labor time in sample preparation by fusion for XRF is spent weighing the sample and the flux? Start using this valuable time to perform other tasks in the lab! LeDoser-12 automated dispensing balance saves up to 90% of labor time related to weighing since there is no need to precisely weigh the sample and no need to weigh the flux at all.

Have your samples ready just in time

That way, you don’t need storing space for pre-weighed flux and sample, you avoid downtime during the process and you can perform other important tasks.

Keep track of your samples

Even if all the previous tips are taken into consideration, the entire sample process can be ruined if the sample is lost, misidentified or inverted. The key here is to track your samples with a barcode reader. LeDoser-12 comes with a sample tracking option and can be connected to a LIMS, ensuring that all data can be transferred without human intervention.


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