Workshop of the LOEWE Center for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology

20th September 2018

Campus Riedberg BIOLOGICUM, Lecture hall 1, -1.202


As market interest and investment in nanotechnology surges and the requirements for novel formulation strategies continues to grow, the industry is under pressure to provide a detailed characterization of subvisible particle species and their interactions with biological systems.

medicine-pills-000016678699-300x270Formulation development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals and nanomaterials are lengthy and complex processes with very specific analytical challenges. We know that in order to successfully deliver such therapies to market it is vital to reduce risk as soon as possible, deliver timely and accurate data and increase efficiency by streamlining processes and easing bottlenecks.

In this workshop, “Particle Characterization in Medicine and Biology”, attendees will learn a wide range of applications, share best practice and connect with experts in the field of the characterization of small particles, nanotherapeutics and nanomaterials, which play a dominant role for the translation of nanotechnologies from bench to bedside.

A growing range of solutions will be presented focusing specifically on the critical path of testing and manufacturing requirements. Join us and discover the latest Zetasizer Ultra and NanoSight NS300 together with the NanoSight Sample Assistant.

Dr. Tom Dennison (Bioscience Application Specialist) will give a lecture from 16:00 on “Adopting best practice techniques with your NanoSight“.

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