Launching the latest Zetasizer in Mexico!


Zetasizer-Pro-and-UltraJune was a special month at our Mexico City office. We held a specific launch party organized for the latest addition to our Zetasizer family of instruments – the Zetasizer Pro and the Zetasizer Ultra. One of the groundbreaking novelties in the new system is adaptive correlation, a new method to perform dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements, where rapid correlation functions are classified as being steady state or transient. Steady-state data sets describe particles that are consistently part of the measurement volume and hence characteristic of the whole sample, while transient data is associated with rare particles such as aggregates, dust and other contaminants.

This novel data collection and analysis approach can provide big improvements in data quality and reliability, even for samples that were challenging with previous instruments. This may in some cases make filtering or centrifuging samples obsolete and can help to obtain faster insights into the sample behavior. (That’s one of the the reasons for the launch tagline “Advance with Confidence“)


Our local Malvern Panalytical team had invited a few customers to the event, which was held on the top floor of their office building. This was a great evening with many interesting questions, which the new technical resources on our website (listed below) helped to answer.

Yes, we can now do larger temperature range (up to 120°C) as standard with every new system, and the built-in fluorescence narrow band filter and polarization filters allow a wider range of applications, especially suitable to research and development efforts (for example involving quantum dots). More information on the other new features such as multi-angle dynamic light scattering (MADLS), particle concentration, low volume particle sizing and adaptive correlation can all be found in through the content links below but for any other questions feel free to get in touch with the local office in Mexico – or anywhere else in the world – to find out more information about these new developments.

Thanks to team Mexico for their hospitality in hosting this event and:

¡Gracias por su interés!

Here is a list of new Zetasizer Ultra & Pro content and additional technical resources for further details on the new systems:


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