Malvern Panalytical’s ASD brand offers a comprehensive variety of spectroscopy accessories to meet a multitude of near-infrared (NIR) materials analysis application requirements. Enjoy the ASD approach of one affordable customized instrument combined with one or more accessories for adaptation to your application needs.

The ASD probes and accessories listed below represent just some of our more popular options; contact us  for a comprehensive list.


Fiber Optic Illuminator

A portable, external light source designed for use with ASD LabSpec and TerraSpec instruments, and sampling accessories that do not have a built-in light source.


Contact Probe 

Designed for contact measurements (made using the ASD LabSpec, TerraSpec, or FieldSpec instruments) of solid raw materials such as minerals, grains, other granular materials. Its innovative optical design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light and allows for measurement of samples through clear and transparent plastic bags.

All contact probes are available with a ruggedized cable feed and cable, designed for applications that involve extra cold or harsh temperatures.


Plant Probe 

The same great design and functionality as ASD’s standard contact probe with a lower intensity bulb position for non-destructive data collection from live vegetation and other heat-sensitive targets.

Combine the Plant Probe with the ASD Leaf Clip (shown left) for easy one-handed functionality with improved measurements. For use with the ASD LabSpec, TerraSpec, or FieldSpec instruments.

090430-ASDf- 178

Reflectance Probe 

Specifically designed for speedy spectral collection of powders and other fine-grained materials such as small uniform seeds and grains. Its beveled tip and metal jacket greatly speed up the spectral collection process of fine-grained materials to optimize workflow. Simply insert the probe into your fine-grained media, collect the spectrum, use a chemical wipe to swipe the probe clean and move on to the next sample. It’s that easy! The probe comes with a gimbaled white reference for high-performance calibration. It can be used for quantitative predictive models.

For use with the ASD LabSpec, TerraSpec, or FieldSpec instruments. If using this probe with a spectrometer such as a TerraSpec mineral analyzer or a LabSpec lab analyzer without an integrated light source, a Fiber Optic Illuminator is necessary and will provide the light source needed for sample collection.


Small Diameter Reflectance Probe 

With an approximate spot size of only 2 mm, this probe was designed to collect spectra from individual small materials such as individual grains or vugs in a hand sample or rock core. It’s perfect for determining the specific mineralogy of individual grains.

For use with the ASD LabSpec, TerraSpec, or FieldSpec instruments. If using a spectrometer such as a TerraSpec mineral analyzer or a LabSpec lab analyzer without an integrated light source, a Fiber Optic Illuminator is required and will provide the necessary light source for sample collection.



Designed for analysis of raw materials requiring reflectance and absorbance measurements. It can measure samples through glass vials, or using the ASD sampling tray adapter. It’s unique and innovative design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light and specular reflected components. For use with the ASD LabSpecTerraSpec, or FieldSpec instruments.



When your application requires analysis of irregularly shaped or non-homogeneous samples, the ASD Turntable is ideal for obtaining a highly accurate average. Especially useful for instrument owners in the grain, agriculture, pulp and paper, food, plastics, and mining industries. The Turntable comes standard with a 4000-hour halogen light source and one standard 150 mm x 15 mm Petri dish. For use with the ASD LabSpec and TerraSpec instruments.


Integrating Sphere 

Collects reflected light from samples over a full hemisphere. The sphere, by nature of its internal diffuse (lambertian) reflection and integration of the energy, is insensitive to directional reflectance features coming from the sample, and therefore, gives a very repeatable “averaged” response to the reflectance of the sample placed in the beam at the sphere port. Sample placement and incidence beam/collection alignment are less critical to the measurement results because the integrating sphere looks at representative averaged energy from all angles at the same time. For use with the ASD LabSpec and FieldSpec instruments.

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Fore Optics 

Control the field-of-view and maximize data collection to better meet specific application requirements. A wide selection of fore optic lenses are available for use with the FieldSpec and FieldSpec HandHeld 2 spectroradiometer systems.


Pistol Grips 

We offer multiple pistol grip options for superior ease-of-use and adaptability to a variety of environmental and situational elements when using your FieldSpec and FieldSpec HandHeld instruments. All pistol grip designs include the quick-connect/disconnect fiber optic cable snap-in feature, pistol grip clip assembly for safely and securely affixing the pistol grip to your waist-belt on the backpack, and many offer a built-in bulls-eye level for added precision.

090430-ASDf- 173

Reference Panels  

Available in calibrated and non-calibrated diffuse white and gray, in varying sizes and reflectance levels, including encapsulated grayscale (NIST/NRC traceable) wavelength and USP standards for USP 1119. For use with all ASD instruments.

Additionally, ASD’s portable line of spectrometers and spectroradiometers are equipped with a standard Fiber Optic SMA connector allowing for compatibility with a range of non-ASD sampling devices.

To learn more about ASD probes and accessories, please watch our ASD webinar recording, “High Precision Optical Interfaces for NIR Spectroscopy