In their own words, Louis C. Herring & Co. president Glenn Austin and lab supervisor David Fletcher talk about the recent addition of an Aeris X-ray diffractometer to their lab. The Aeris replaces a 1980’s vintage PW1840 benchtop X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) system – a classic product from Malvern Panalytical’s long history of XRD innovation.

In business for over 60 years, Luis C. Herring & Co. is a kidney stone analysis laboratory serving doctors throughout the country and beyond. Glenn spoke the importance of high-quality XRD analysis to their analyses. He stated “the X-ray diffractometer is key to our business – we would not be able to provide the quality of results that we do without the diffractometer. Any laboratory that does not have one is at a disadvantage – they’re not going to be able to differentiate between quite a few phases in particular circumstances – primarily mixed urates or mixed oxalates.”

Lab supervisor David Fletcher noted about the Aeris “It’s definitely well designed… We are very pleased to have the Aeris in here. It was easy to incorporate into our workflow. The training time was very minimal. It works right into our step by step procedures that we do with our stones.

Louis C. Herring has been a valued customer of Malvern Panalytical for more than three decades, and we look forward to serving them for many more years.

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