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User Group Meeting Announcement 19 Oct 2018 1pm-4pm EDT

Zum-1-19Oct2018 Zetasizer User MeetingWe are pleased to announce the first virtual Zetasizer User Meeting ZUM-1! This initiative is an effort to foster the diffusion of knowledge and experience between our support group and those researchers that regularly evaluate light scattering data from the Zetasizer. The Zetasizer Users Community is invited to present and share data with specific questions. Get live feedback from our panel of experts.

The meeting will be live-streamed via Webex and is limited to 3.0 hours. We anticipate staying close to the below agenda, to allow you to tune in to specific sessions. There will be several short presentations of ten minutes, followed by questions. If you would like to present some of your research related to the Zetasizer (time limit is 10 minutes max) please contact any of the organizers, the standard <> is our email format. Each section ends with a Q&A session for issues, suggestions, improvement, feedback and the meeting will be recorded for the benefit of those not able to join live.

We anticipate making this a regular event, depending on interest and participation.

Thanks for your consideration to join us at ZUM-1

The Organizing Panel: Ana Morfesis, Carrie Schindler, Ragy Ragheb, Ulf Nobbmann

Proposed Agenda (times are EastCoastTime = GMT-5)

1:00pm Welcome!

  • 1:05-1:10pm Opening poll to get an idea of interest share of size, zeta, advanced topics

1:10-2:15pm Session One: Size by DLS

  • 1:10pm Tips & Tricks for sizing nanoparticles & molecules
  • 1:40pm Customer presentation with DLS data
  • 1:55pm Customer presentation with DLS data
  • 2:10pm Feedback, topic suggestions for next user meeting
  • 2:15-2:20pm Virtual Coffee break

2:20-3:15pm Session Two: Zeta by ELS

  • 2:20pm Formulations, product development and optimization with charge determination in colloidal suspensions
  • 2:55pm Customer with ELS
  • 3:10pm Feedback, topic suggestions for next user event

3:20-3:45pm Session Three: Molecular Weight by SLS

  • 3:20pm How does batch molecular weight work and is it worth it?
  • 3:40pm Feedback, suggestions for improvement
  • 3:45-4:00pm Preview on latest developments: The Ultra – What’s new and what can it do?

4:00 pm   Zetasizer User Meeting closing

We hope you will be able to join us. Register online – even if you cannot make it for the complete meeting or are in a different time zone. By registering, you will receive a link to the recording. We look forward to this inaugural user meeting. Until then!


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