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27 November 2018 No Comment

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Here is the list of the upcoming webinars in the coming weeks. You can register for free to all our webinars and you will automatically receive the On Demand version if you can’t finally attend the live event directly in your inbox!



4th – Rheological assessment of the effect of particle size and distribution on the cohesive strength of powders

There is a great need to understand the fundamental rheological properties of particles as they pertain to industry and the environment. In this webinar Chuck Rohn will show how the rheology of powders can be measured using a rotational rheometer and how such properties correlate with particle size and shape.

6th – The simple alternative to ICP-MS for elemental impurity analysis in pharmaceutical products

In this webinar, the capabilities of the Epsilon 4 benchtop system set up with our unique calibration solution to analyze elemental impurities according to current regulatory requirements, will be demonstrated by Dr. Lieven Kempenaers and Dr. Michel Zoontjes.

11th – Demo at your desk: Spraytec

Sarennah Longworth-Cook will show the measurement process from beginning to end, including the software operation of the Spraytec laser diffraction system that will be used to measure a continuous (eg nebulizer) and a pulsed (eg inhaler) spray.

13th – Optimizing Metal Powder Properties for manufacturing processes

Characterizing the physical and structural properties of metal powders for use in near-net shape manufacturing processes is important for assessing their suitability for a particular process route or end use application. Key characteristics include particle size distribution, particle shape, surface condition and microstructure, which impact powder properties such as packing, flowability, compressibility and sintering behavior.



As our webinars are quite popular, we decided to include the Q&A for some of them. You can easily access them from the list of On Demand webinars. Stay tuned to our blog as more webinar Q&A’s are on their way!

Here is the full list of the latest Malvern Panalytical webinars that have been presented.


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