Today’s technologies for electronic, optical, mechanical and energy devices are driven by the development of engineered advanced materials. This goes hand in hand with progresses in growth technologies for the deposition of thin-layered structures with thicknesses down to the nanometer range. Typical materials that are involved are semiconductors, metal alloys, dielectrics, but also polymers. The characterization and monitoring of the structural properties of layered material are important for its application and essential for further development and improvement. For this purpose, X-ray metrology is nowadays routinely utilized for both materials research and quality control in production.

Frequently we are being asked:

  1. How to quantify key parameters like mismatch and relaxation, composition and layer thickness, density and roughness and others, fast and easy?
  2. How to can I add easily data analysis into a cohesive automated workflow from sample alignment to data acquisition to analysis result?

The Advanced Material Analysis and Simulation Software (AMASS) version 1.0. might be the solution you are looking for. The first release of Malvern Panalytical’s new thin film analysis platform is now available.

AMASS is replacing our former Epitaxy and X’Pert Reflectivity software with something way better. It adds new comprehensive functionality for displaying, analyzing, simulating and fitting X-ray data from thin film layered structures. The new intuitive GUI let you analyze your X-ray data fast and easy.

Interested in more details?

Watch our webinar, recorded on Tuesday, January 8 2019:

Discover our new advanced software suite for the analysis of layered structures