We are pleased to announce our first virtual Malvern Panalytical Laser Diffraction User Meeting on February 20th from 1-4pm US Eastern Time (ET)! This initiative is an effort to foster the diffusion of knowledge and experience between our support team and those researchers that regularly evaluate particle size data from the Mastersizer range.

From assessing product uniformity and solubility, to optimizing packing density to improve final product performance and controlling powder flow to increase manufacturing efficiency, particle size analysis is critical to understanding and controlling a wide range of properties. The Mastersizer range, with its intuitive software and industry-leading design and ergonomics, enables users to make particle size measurements fast and routine.

Laser diffraction, a widely used particle sizing technique, is our overall theme for this virtual user meeting. The main reasons for the success of laser diffraction are:

  • Wide dynamic range – from submicron to the millimeter size range.
  • Rapid measurements – results generated in less than a minute.
  • Repeatability – large numbers of particles are sampled in each measurement.
  • Instant feedback – monitor and control the particle dispersion process.
  • High sample throughput – hundreds of measurements per day.
  • Calibration not necessary – easily verified using standard reference materials.
  • Well established technique – covered by ISO13320 (2009).

Laser diffraction is the standard particle sizing technique across many industry sectors, being faster, simpler and having better resolution than more traditional sizing techniques. How are you using laser diffraction and the Mastersizer range? What are your successes, and what is your value / how are you saving costs (time and money) through use of this instrumentation?

The Mastersizer users community is invited to bring their questions and receive live feedback from our panel of experts. Questions submitted in advance are much appreciated – please send questions to alan.rawle@malvernpanalytical.com. The meeting will be live streamed, limited to 3 hours; the preliminary agenda is below. The meeting will be recorded for the benefit of those not able to join live, so please register if you would like access to this content.

We look forward to “seeing” you and interacting with our laser diffraction users and customers at this virtual users meeting event. Please consider joining us on February 20, 2019 1-4pm ET!