Laser diffraction is the world’s most widely applied technique for particle size.

The Mastersizer 2000 quickly became the gold standard for particle size analyzers – in fact we sold more than 11,000 systems globally throughout the lifetime of that system!

With the launch of our Mastersizer 3000 system a few years ago, we redefined particle size analysis once again, delivering expert engineering and applications know-how into every stage of its design to deliver class-leading performance.

If you have not seen the Mastersizer 3000 yet, here is how it compares to previous generation Mastersizer systems:

  • It’s smaller (taking up 25% less bench space) but has a wider particle size range (10nm – 3500μm).
  • Easier-to-use software, including a new SOP comparison tool, to detect any method differences and troubleshoot issues with measurement reproducibility.
  • The Mastersizer 3000 Data Quality tool is like having an expert in the lab with you – providing better understanding of how your measurements can be optimized, checking the variability of your data, and confirming if your results meet the reproducibility requirements outlined in norms, such as ISO and USP.
  • Easier maintenance and cleaning due to a new maintenance scheduling tool and a redesigned measurement cell affording faster and easier access for cleaning, helping to keep your system working optimally.
  • Simple transfer of data and methods – Mastersizer 2000 record files can be opened and reanalyzed in the Mastersizer 3000 software. Additionally, we’ve developed a Mastersizer 2000 analysis mode within the Mastersizer 3000 software, making specification transfer much easier to achieve. Click here to learn more.

Meet the Mastersizer 3000, and see how you can achieve smarter particle sizing with the leader in particle size analysis.

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