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Don’t miss our webinars this March. This complimentary educational program is presented by experts from inside and outside of our organization. Register for free; if you can’t attend the live event you will automatically receive a link to the on-demand version via email!


4th – Discover the Epsilon 1 Benchtop XRF upgrade – Live Demonstration

Suitable for any industry, Epsilon 1 changes the landscape of benchtop XRF spectrometers. Lieven Kempenaers and Michel Zoontjes will introduce the next generation Epsilon 1 during this live presentation.

11TH – Improving the development efficiency of drug-encapsulating nanoparticles using microfluidics and Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS)

This webinar presented by our guest speaker Pavel Abdulkin explores the combined use of the Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Ultra and the Dolomite Microfluidics system to generate drug-encapsulating nanoparticles with improved monodispersity and higher encapsulation efficiency, and with better reproducibility than a batch system.

16TH – Laser Diffraction Masterclass 1 – Back to basics

Anne Vidren will present the first in a Masterclass series covering everything you want to know about measuring particle size by laser diffraction. You will learn the technique and data interpretation.

17TH – Learn from the experts – Field Spectroscopy with the ASD FieldSpec® Dual collection software system

This webinar focuses on the Malvern Panalytical ASD FieldSpec® Dual collection software system, application uses and value of use. Dr. Brian Curtiss will give an overview of the system.

18TH – Get the most out of your HighScore(Plus) with the latest functionalities and improvements

HighScore (Plus) is a powerful and versatile tool, with many analytical features. If you have any questions, then this is your chance to put your questions to our experts Thomas Degen Ph.D. and Scott Speakman Ph.D., and bring your knowledge of HighScore (Plus) to a higher level.

23RD – Elemental determination of ferrochromium alloys by borate fusion for XRF analysis

In this webinar, Mathieu Bouchard will show you how to prepare FeCr samples using borate fusion in order to have optimal XRF results and determine major/low concentration elements in the alloy.

25th – The New Zetasizer Pro and Ultra: An Evolution in Light Scattering Technology

In this Webinar, Patrick King will go through two new exciting additions to a wide range of sample types and concentrations that significantly improve measurement quality, accuracy and sample tolerance through Adaptive Correlation, also enabling sizing now in as little as 24 seconds.

30th – Particle size Masterclass – Method Development

Anyone interested in particle size method development should attend this webinar presented by Anne Virden. You will understand how to enhance your method development and add quality to your technqiue.

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