We are pleased to introduce our newly designed Leaf Clip accessory (part number A122327) for use with the ASD range of spectroradiometers.

Malvern Panalytical’s ASD Leaf Clip assembly is designed specifically for use with the ASD Plant Probe. This will simplify the process of collecting spectra on live vegetation. The unique design includes a gentle trigger lock/release gripping system for holding the target sample in place without removing the leaf from its habitat or inflicting damage.

The new version of the ASD Leaf Clip includes the following features and benefits:

Single-handed operation

The biggest advantage of the new Leaf Clip design is that it is designed for single-handed operation in the field. A person can now just use their thumb to engage and disengage the clip. This allows the other hand to do other things like manage the plant itself. Users familiar with the previous version of the leaf clip will be happy with the smooth operation of the newly designed version.


A white reference cap or Spectralon® can be used as white background in addition to the GORE-TEX® for more accurate measurements. The white reference cap not only protects the front of the probe but also keeps it clean while minimizing the possibility that the white reference will become damaged.


The Leaf Clip offers the advantage of a two-sided rotating head; the head can be moved aside using the thumb lever for easy access to the window for cleaning. Each side of the rotating head has an embedded background panel, making it suitable for both transflectance (white panel face) and reflectance (black panel face) measurements. The new Leaf Clip comes with the same replaceable white and black background standards (eight of each including the pre-mounted ones) that were included with the previous version. Additionally, it comes with a mounting bracket that enables it to be secured to the backpack waist belt when not in use.


The Leaf Clip functions with other ASD Contact Probe accessories, and therefore will work with all of the ASD spectrometers and spectroradiometers.


The ASD family of Contact Probes have been available since the late 1990s with well over 1,000 sold and used for a variety of applications in multiple use environments. The ASD contact probe/plant probe family has a long-established reputation of performance and reliability.