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We are getting ready for May, which is yet another busy month, full of free webinars. This complementary educational program will help you gain a firm foundation in a variety of analytical techniques. Register now and we will email a link to the on-demand version later!


6th – Focus on pharma: Particle sizing – Advance your Analysis

In this webinar series, Paul Kippax will consider why particle size is important for pharmaceutical products and how answering this question can lead to the specification of a realistic method.

11th – Laser Diffraction Masterclass 5 – Getting the most from your MS3000: advanced software features

Sarennah Longworth-Cook will present the fifth webinar in the masterclass series will show you how to harness the full power of the Mastersizer 3000 software.

12th – Controlling respirable silica and asbestos in your mine or product manufacturing

Always wanted to know about which analytical techniques that are most suitable for what types of materials characterization? Join our webinar by Dr Nicholas Norberg. He will discuss methodologies like NIR and XRD in the context of stringent monitoring of low quantity respirable silica and asbestos

13th – Keys for Successful Analysis – Standard error calculation with Laser Diffraction

Alan Rawle will calculate the best standard error possible with a given mass of sample of known top end size, density given a point in the distribution to be determined. The results may surprise you!

25th – Laser Diffraction Masterclass 6 – Troubleshooting: what to do when things go wrong

Anne Virden will show you how to review measurement data to determine if the measurements have been carried out correctly, and to recognise common errors in the last the webinar in the masterclass series.

26th – Rapid Analysis of Dry Matter Content and Other Quality Traits in Cassava using the ASD QualitySpec® Trek

This webinar presented by our guest speaker Dr. Ugochukwu “Ugo” Ikeogu focuses on analyzing and processing dry matter content in addition to other quality traits in cassava using the Malvern Panalytical ASD QualitySpec® Trek Portable Spectrometer.

27th – Focus on pharma: Particle sizing – Managing Method Development

In this second webinar in the series, Paul Kippax will consider how the principles of Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) can be applied to the development of a particle sizing method, using the technique of laser diffraction as an example.

For those who are interested in any of the other upcoming Laser Diffraction Masterclasses (because there are 6(!) in total), we published another blog for further reading.

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