We have added photovoltaic solar panels to our roof!

Solar roof at malvern UK site, showing company in front and malvern hills in the backgroundMalvern Panalytical strives to be a good corporate citizen Рand one of our goals is sustainable business practices. In order to help reduce our carbon footprint, we now have a photovoltaic system. Excitingly, more than 700 solar panels are on our roof at the Malvern, UK site. Here, the system just started producing electricity at the beginning of July 2019. Thus it will offset a good portion of the electricity that we use.

See below for an image of the system generation. Only a few days into monitoring:

  • We produced 97kW power @10:30 am local time.
  • We had already reduced the equivalent of 113kg of CO2.

While actual production will depend on solar radiation (season, clouds, temperature), we expect to put a good dent into the net electricity consumption of our facility.

screen image of solar panel monitoring at Malvern UK site showing 100kW power at 10am and 110kg CO2 saved

How do solar panels work?

Photovoltaic (or PV) cells convert sunlight directly into electric energy. Interestingly, some of our customers manufacture solar panels. For example, the silicon is cut using a slurry of particles that we can measure.

Yes, it’s quite possible that one of our instruments supported the development of the panels on our own roof.

Considering solar in your area?

If you are in the US, Project Sunroof provides a simple estimate of PV system size and cost. You just have to enter address and electricity consumption. There is a similar site for Europe to estimate photovoltaic performance.  You can also check real systems near you at PVOutput.org . This is a website for global sharing, comparing and monitoring of live solar photovoltaic (PV) data.

PS: If you are in an area with very hot summers, an additional bonus is the shading of the roof resulting in lower room temperature.

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