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Trade shows, summits, conference and expo events serve as an opportunity for our organization to demonstrate our scientific instruments and technologies as we visit with existing or prospective users.

Our Top 5 – Reasons to Attend a Trade Show:

  1. Keep up with industry trends
    Professionals from all over the globe gather at these events to showcase new products, so it provides a great opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by learning first-hand what the latest trends are and what is coming next.
  2. Compare and source products and services
    Attending a trade show allows you to compare products and meet suppliers all in the same location. Speak with a technology expert one-on-one to learn more about products and to find the best solution for your need.
  3. Network
    Trade shows offer a great platform to develop new relationships with both vendors and other attendees. Having face-to-face conversations to share ideas and discuss your goals and interests can prove to be invaluable… maybe even help create a new partnership!
  4. Thought leader access
    Trade shows are typically combined with an educational track, offering workshops, lectures, and presentations – all information to help you be more successful in your field. Receive training and sharpen your skills by attending a workshop on technology.
  5. Minimize costs by saving time
    It takes time to research, compare and connect; trade shows offer a quick snapshot of the latest and greatest all in one space, saving you time.

Please consider joining us at any of the below North American trade shows that are taking place in the 2nd half of 2019! 






We hope to meet you and see you at an upcoming trade event in the remainder of 2019!

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