There are many things to consider when maintaining a GPC/SEC instrument: the mobile phase, the column set, the pump components, the post-column filter, and up to four different detectors…all in a single system! And that’s not even accounting for your samples! At Malvern Panalytical, we recognize that’s a lot of information to keep in mind.  Therefore, we’re continually working on ways to ensure that the resources you need to successfully operate your system and analyze your samples are easily accessible.

What’s new?

Along with the added value associated with an OMNISEC system, highlighted by the SECret to Success interactive guide, my colleagues and I have generated a collection of videos to help you through every step of the GPC/SEC process. With introductory and educational content, practical hands-on demonstrations, troubleshooting guides, and software tutorials, our new GPC/SEC Expert Advice playlist on the Malvern Panalytical YouTube channel has everything you need. And all in one place!

GPC/SEC Expert Advice YouTube playlist

What will I find there?

The playlist kicks off with an introduction to GPC/SEC to bring new users up to speed or serve as a refresher for longtime analysts.

Next are live demonstrations of the OMNISEC system, one highlighting the analysis of polymers and one showcasing how the instrument can be used for protein analysis.

A series of practical videos follows, showing common lab procedures encountered during routine GPC/SEC use, such as:

Since things don’t always run smoothly, we’ve included step-by-step videos on what to do if you need to replace the viscometer bridge, UV bulb, or a fitting, and how to identify the culprit of high pressure within your system.

The last group of videos are a series of OMNISEC v10+ software tutorials to ensure that you’re never on your own when it comes to controlling the instrument, creating and running a sample sequence, opening, exporting, and importing data, and of course, analyzing sample data.

How can I access it later?

We’re going to continue to create and add videos to this list, but the link will remain the same. So please, save and bookmark the following address so that you don’t miss new content and can return to this playlist as needed:

There’s even a convenient place to save this link in the OMNISEC software! Go to the Start Page tab, and find the Bookmarks section.  Then, click on the Edit bookmarks button, indicated by the magenta arrow below. Once you add the above link, help is just a click away!

where to click to edit bookmarks

Our intention is that the GPC/SEC Expert Advice playlist will serve as your first stop for assistance.  It complements the assortment of information already available in the form of application notes, technical notes, and white papers at our Knowledge Center, the collection of GPC/SEC related posts on the Malvern Panalytical blog, and of course, our Helpdesk.

We are constantly working on new material we think you’ll find useful, so please continue to check the GPC/SEC Expert Advice playlist for updates!

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