It’s no surprise: Customers expect their Malvern Panalytical products to maintain optimal condition and a high level of performance over time. Taking great care of your sample preparation equipment eventually pays back, since it:

  • Increases its longevity (so you can benefit from your initial investment for a longer period of time!)
  • Ensures the obtention of great X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and ICP analytical results (which is, of course, a priority)

Moreover, well-maintained equipment is a key into obtaining an interesting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE):

  • The quality of the instrument and results is preserved
  • The optimal efficiency of the product is kept, meaning that it’s always used to its full effectiveness (e.g. Claisse TheOx Advanced was designed to prepare 24 to 30 fusion per hour, not 20)
  • Downtime is avoided, availability is then maximized

New reliability commitment for Claisse instruments: We encourage you to look after your products! 

By performing a preventive maintenance service with our experts once a year or every 5000 fusion cycles, you can now benefit from a 3-year service package for LeNeo, M4, Eagon 2, TheOx Advanced, LeDoser, and LeDoser-12 instruments.

Since performing maintenance on your instruments is important for the reasons named above, this new program is like killing two birds with one stone!

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