This month, we’ll continue with the now popular “Focus on Pharma” and start to “Focus on Food“.

If you want to learn more about the theory of X-Ray Fluorescence, then the new masterclasses are for you and two webinars will be presented this month.

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8th – Focus on Food – Formulation Development

This webinar presented by Steve Ward-Smith will cover some of the key technologies that can be used by food formulators to help them develop tasty, nutritious products with long shelf-lives. In particular, he will explore how to measure and optimize the stability of food formulations, the particle size of ingredients and formulations, and how to detect and identify large particles such as agglomerates.

10th – Focus on Pharma: Solid Form Analysis – Extend your understanding

In this third and final webinar in the series, we will focus on the advanced analysis methods available using an XRPD system.

17th – Elemental Analysis – Masterclass 1 – the theory of X-ray Fluorescence

This is the first of three masterclass web seminars covering X-ray Fluorescence, the theory and basics of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy will be presented. Join Lieven Kempenaers for one or all three.

22nd – Characterizing material Properties for Additive Manufacturing

This online seminar, with a duration of 1h 45min, will provide an overview of four key analytical techniques that are commonly used to characterize additive manufacturing powders, including laser diffraction, automated image analysis, X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction, and the benefits they offer.

24th – Focus on Pharma: Assessing in vitro bioequivalence: Nano drug delivery systems

Developing generic versions of complex drug products presents a number of challenges as a result of the nature of their formulation or their route of delivery. In response to this, regulators, including the US FDA, have released product-specific guidance aimed at advising generics manufacturers on the approaches which may be applied to prove bioequivalence in vitro through the measurement of a complex drug product’s physicochemical properties.

In this webinar, we will consider the regulatory guidance available for nano drug delivery systems such as liposomes, parenteral emulsions and iron sucrose complexes..

29th – Keys to Successful analysis of Chlorine in Cement by Borate fusion & XRF

Louis Lefrancois Perreault presents the results of a calibration strategy that allows the analysis of chlorine (Cl) in cement materials using a borate fusion and WD-XRF method.

31st – Elemental Analysis Masterclass – Wavelength & Energy Dispersive XRF Explained

This is the second out of three free masterclasses of XRF, explaining the differences of both XRF techniques and its related benefits.

Stay tuned to this blog, as more webinar information and Q&A transcripts are ever on the way!

Here is the full list of the latest Malvern Panalytical webinars that have been presented.

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Laser Diffraction Masterclasses:

  1. Back to basics
  2. Method development: a view from the lab
  3. Configuring the Optical Model for your Material
  4. Successful method transfer
  5. Getting the most from your MS3000: advanced software features


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