Malvern Panalytical will be sponsoring the upcoming British Society of Rheology meeting, held in Birmingham on 17th and 18th December. Please join us to talk about “Complex Fluids for Performance” and learn how rheometry and rheology can be utilized to study complex formulations in both the research and industrial environments. With topics ranging from food and saliva to oilfield and injection-molding of highly filled suspensions, this conference aims to capture the diversity of rheological studies and highlight its importance as an analytical tool. Whether we are using rheometry to help study the stability and performance of a new formulation or determining the correct shear conditions for processing, this meeting aims to allow the networking and discussions to take place in a relaxed and friendly environment!

Keynote and Award lectures:

Bettina Wolf,
Birmingham University

  Rod-like food hydrocolloids encountering saliva: from molecular assemblies to macroscopic flow behaviour
Andrew Clarke,
Schlumberger Research

  Oilfield rheometry: indicators, measurements and science
Adam Edwards,

  Development of rheological techniques to analyse the flow of highly filled injection moulding compounds
Helen Wilson,

  BSR Annual Award Winner: “Modelling Complex Suspensions