Christmas is almost there and we’ll have the perfect webinar talking about chocolate! We’ll close our Focus on Pharma series by an important event on the 5th December presented by OINDP experts from Aptar Pharma companies Next Breath and Nanopharm, Dr. Julie D. Suman and Dr. Jag Shur. 

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3rd – Pushing the Limits of X-Ray Powder Diffraction in the Laboratory

Typically, the reference for high resolution and high intensity in powder diffraction is the use of the synchrotron radiation. However getting access to such large scale facilities might be a tedious task and definitively not as often as one would like. Using various examples of materials, from perovskite materials, to permanent magnets or mineralogical related materials.

In this webinar, Gwilherm Nenert will review what can be done in the laboratory and see how it can compete with synchrotron radiation in some instances.

5th – Breathe Easy – Selecting analytical strategies for inhaled drug product development

This webinar will address key questions such as, what are the novel analytical methods relevant to OINDP in vitro bioequivalence studies? Also, what supporting evidence can be generated to aid formulation optimization and therefore help speed successful product development and regulatory submission?

This webinar, led by Dr. Julie Suman and Dr. Jag Shur– OINDP experts from Aptar Pharma companies Next Breath and Nanopharm, will examine the analytical methods and regulatory frameworks associated with ensuring and establishing bioequivalence.

12th – Focus on Food – Chocolate

Those working in the chocolate industry and those who want to know more about the science behind their favourite treat should attend this webinar presented by Steve Ward-Smith.

18th – Demo at your desk – Floor Standing XRD – The Empyrean 3rd Generation

Join us for a demonstration of the New Empyrean 3rd generation X-ray diffractometer. Like no other system available, the Empyrean is designed for now, and for years to come. A fully automated series of 6 samples will be demonstrated using several different measurements types, including reflection geometry, SAXS, 2D transmission, texture, residual stress, thin film reflectivity, and grazing incidence XRD.

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