Walking through a trade show as a visitor requires a lot of energy. Have you ever felt disappointed after attending an event, or felt that you didn’t have enough time to see everything?

Here are some simple tricks to help you get the best of Canadian events to which Malvern Panalytical will exhibit in the first half of 2020.

  1. Prepare your visit and register early
    It’s always a good idea to visit the trade show’s website to make sure the exhibiting companies are relevant to your business. Make a list of booths you want to stop by and set your objectives. Don’t forget that early visitor registration often comes with discounts that help save considerable costs.
  2. Consider the exhibition as a workplace
    People will take you seriously if you take the event seriously. When you walk through an exhibition room, dress properly and act adequately (just like if you were in the office).
  3. Avoid approaching a booth already full of people
    You then have better chances to spend quality time with the booth staff and get their full attention.
  4. Be ready to socialize and network
    Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet people and grow your business. Don’t only go to conferences, attend networking events! Be open to discussion and don’t be afraid to give your business card.
  5. Take some notes
    When the event is over, take the time to organize the info you’ve gathered while it’s still fresh in your mind. Write the pros and cons of the trade show and determine if you met your objectives. This will help you decide if you come back next year or if you don’t.

Stop by our booth at the following Canadian trade shows and put these tricks into practice!





We hope to interact with you at an upcoming show!