A customer story!

SN Seixal is part of the Spanish Megasa Group founded in 1953. The company specializes in the fabrication of long steel products (rebars, wire rods, etc.) and needs to validate the quality of various ferroalloys added to the scrap metal used to make its final products. It randomly analyses several samples on a monthly basis.


According to Miguel Teixeira, Material Engineer in charge of ferroalloys quality control at SN Seixal, they used to send their samples to an external firm, but over time they felt the need to analyze the samples themselves to better control their production chain and the overall quality of ferroalloys used to make their steel products. They wished to develop applications to analyze their types of samples, but they did not have to knowledge to do so. They also wanted to simplify the analysis and optimize the methods so they could use them for as many samples as possible.


SN Seixal contacted Malvern Panalytical experts in sample preparation to help them reach their goals. The experienced application specialists managed to develop 3 methods to use with 10 different types of samples. The collaboration with Malvern Panalytical helped SN Seixal save a huge amount of time (they can now perform the analysis internally and obtain results over twice as fast as they did with the external firm) and gained more autonomy in their quality control process.

These methods were so clear and easy to use that our laboratory technicians would use them without any problem.

Mr. Teixeira | Megasa SN Seixal

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