Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences, partnering to deliver expert analytics

Knives and forks…
Salt and pepper…
Batman and Robin…

So many things in life just work better in pairs!

But what about in business? Does the concept of ‘the power of two’ hold true here?

Well, I’d have to say yes! ‘Going it alone’ may invoke feelings of pioneering and adventure, but a solo journey is never quite as interesting, and the destination can be pretty lonely when you arrive. All things considered, it’s much better to be in partnership.

Since the acquisition of the contract research organization Concept Life Sciences (CLS) by Spectris plc in January 2018, there has been an ambition for CLS and Malvern Panalytical to work together more closely to better serve our customers in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. By collaborating, we have created a unique combination of services that’s not available elsewhere. On March 31st, we will formally launch this exciting new partnership via a free-to-attend webinar.

Our partnership gives us the ability to serve our clients with both analytical equipment and high-end scientific services, providing instrumentation and method development and validation services from a single source. We’ve heard from many of our clients how useful this capability will be for them, as they face pressure to rapidly implement new analysis methods and also prove that these can deliver real value to their organizations. Additional challenges our customers have flagged include:

  • Limited internal resources in terms of specific technical knowledge to optimize, validate and deploy analytical methods
  • An increased need to accelerate drug discovery and development pipelines, using robust datasets to ensure that unsuitable molecules or formulations are eliminated quickly in order to concentrate resources on prime candidates
  • An increased desire to partner with providers who offer specific services to accelerate drug discovery and market access. The pharmaceutical industry is increasing its work with contract research organizations (CROs) on an unprecedented scale year-on-year, driving a 10%+ CAGR within the CRO sector

Together, Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences will address the above points and more, by delivering a service with the ability to develop and deploy physicochemical analysis techniques and methods, underpinned by deep analytical and regulatory understanding. We’ve already combined our expertise to benefit our clients on multiple occasions; as just one example, resolving a dual source API polymorphism issue using extensive orthogonal analytical techniques available within CLS – this enabled a robust QC methodology to be developed and deployed using the Morphologi 4-ID, catching issues at API source rather than in manufacturing. 

My final point on this takes a broader view of the pharmaceutical marketplace as it adapts to the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, considering the importance of collaboration within the sector to deliver a solution. Albert Bourla (CEO, Pfizer) put it very succinctly:

“Pfizer calls on all members of the innovation ecosystem—from large pharmaceutical companies to the smallest of biotech companies, from government agencies to academic institutions—to commit to work together in addressing this dire crisis”

With our combined efforts we know that there is no health challenge that we cannot overcome.”

We look forward to supporting the challenges and innovation within the sector with this novel partnership and fulfilling our aim to be truly science-led and customer-focused.

Please join us on March 31st to find out more