Do you want an OMNISEC but don’t have one yet?  Do you want to practice so you’re ready once your OMNISEC is installed? Or are you simply looking for a way to gain more experience with the OMNISEC software?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then the OMNISEC software simulation mode is for you!

What is the simulation mode?

The OMNISEC software includes a simulation mode that allows users to control the software as if it were connected to a live instrument. Using built-in demo data, a sequence can be set up, the data will be “acquired,” and then you can analyze it.  This is perfect for users wanting to practice acquiring and working up data or to lead training sessions where learners follow along with a standard data set.

How do I access it?

First, if you don’t have it already, download the OMNISEC software free from our website.  Second, once in the software, the simulation mode can be activated by clicking on the connection icon in the bottom right corner (it probably says, “No connection”), then selecting “Simulation.”  The connection icon will change to blue and indicate simulation mode is activated, as shown below. 

Steps to activate simulation mode

What can I do with it?

Start by clicking on the sequence tab to set up a sample sequence.  There is now a column to the right of Vial/Well number titled “Simulation file.”  After that, if you click the Simulation file field for your sample you can choose a sample to “run.”  Make your selection and ensure you add the appropriate name that matches the file selected.  You can then pick the corresponding Sample type and set how many injections you wish to perform. 

Sample sequence with selected simulation files

You can continue to populate the sequence with the samples you wish to work with.  If you’re going to be practicing setting up an analysis method, it is important to add a narrow standard with which to calibrate your method.  The narrow standards available include polystyrene 105 kDa, PMMA 65 kDa, PEO 19 kDa, and BSA.

Once all the desired samples are added, make sure your sequence has a name and then click the large green start button at the bottom of the sequence.  If the software seems like it hasn’t started the sequence, that’s because it’s going through the procedure to prepare the instrument for injection.  The steps are indicated by the status bar at the bottom left of the screen.

Thankfully, the chromatograms will be acquired much faster than in real-time.  As soon as the sequence is complete, Open your data, create a method, and analyze your data!

Can I see the simulation mode in action?

Finally, for a demonstration of how to use the OMNISEC software in simulation mode, please see the video below. Please contact us with any questions.

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