For some time now, Malvern Panalytical has been successfully offering our Zetasizer Nano range with self-installation as an option for our customers who want to get up and running as quickly as possible. The fact that this option has been so successful is testament to the ease-of-use and robustness of the Zetasizer Nano. 

Given the success of self-installation for the Zetasizer Nano, combined with the present difficult global situation, we’ve worked hard to extend the option of self-installation to our new Zetasizer Advance range of instruments: Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra. You will find the process of installing and verifying that your new Zetasizer Ultra or Zetasizer Pro is equally as easy.

Whichever Zetasizer system you choose, we provide video tutorials that walk you through the full installation process – from unpacking the instrument all the way through to switching it on and making your very first measurement.  We also guide you through the tests you need to perform to ensure you’ve received your Zetasizer in perfect condition – everything you need to do this is included in the box!

Want to know more about the Zetasizer Advance range, or about measuring particle size by DLS or zeta potential by ELS? We’ve provided some useful links to the introductory educational material below!

Zetasizer Advance

Size measurements (DLS)

The size and size distribution of molecules and particles is an important parameter for a huge range of applications. We believe that this is probably the most commonly-used function of the Zetasizer.

Zeta potential measurements (ELS)

A particle’s or molecule’s zeta potential is a measure of its effective charge under solution conditions. Measuring zeta potential can help assess a product’s stability, avoid aggregation, or understand coagulation conditions.

Self-installation is as simple as unpack, connect and measure! Contact us to find out more.

General questions, overviews, and further details

In addition to the resources listed, we have lots more information to share, and of course, we always offer help in-person where needed. Have a look through the list below to find answered to some of our most commonly-asked questions.