Safe and responsible demoing of critical instruments

My job is to show potential laser diffraction buyers the Mastersizer 3000 system, making it sing and dance to the point where the customer shouts out loud “I LOVE it and must have it immediately!” Being grounded with no chance to perform live demonstrations is a big adjustment.  So when a local customer asked for a demo, I worked with the local Salesperson to concoct a creative plan to accommodate.

I arrived at the customer’s loading dock at the designated time, where a lab cart was waiting outside. I placed the MS3000 and Hydro MV on the cart, wiped down external surfaces with sanitizer, and rang the customer to let him know it was waiting for him.  Once I got into my car the customer came out and took the lab cart inside the building.  I always dress nicely and ensure I am well-groomed before customer visits, presenting a professional image, but this time I realized I could wear my pajamas if I wanted to.  One co-worker called it a “drug deal demo”.

The fellow had used an MS2000 in a previous job (everyone has used a Malvern Mastersizer at some point in their career, it seems) so he was able to quickly master the software after 15 minutes of phone instruction, and get good results.

The next day I arrived at the designated time, and the MS3000 was waiting for me outside the loading dock for pickup.  I sanitized it, loaded it in my car, and the demo was successfully concluded.  Now it’s time to consider shaving….

In this time of Covid-19, our team is working on innovative ways to perform demo’s at your site, or remotely.