What a difference 10 weeks can make! Within the Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences (CLS) project team, we are finding it hard to believe that it was only a couple of months ago that we announced our partnership – just as the lockdown was starting in the UK – but already it feels like a different era!

Back on March 31st, delivering webinars from spare rooms whilst trying to minimize background noise and keep children occupied was a novel challenge, but now it’s part of daily life for most of us.

The feedback received from customers of both organizations has been hugely supportive, and we already have a significant number of joint projects in motion which are delivering value to our clients globally.

Hot on the heels of the initial announcement, which was centred around the provision of analytical services to complement the portfolio of physicochemical characterization solutions from Malvern Panalytical, we are delighted to be presenting a further web seminar on June 25th , in which we will reveal the latest developments in our partnership – newly-christened ‘Amplify Analytics’. 

Amplify Analytics provides services which are specifically aimed at clients in the small molecule drug development and generics space and provides solutions for the challenges of low rates of return on investment, late stage pipeline failures, regulatory hurdles and resourcing issues within pharmaceutical development companies.

We provide an agile and collaborative team with extensive expertise and knowledge to precisely complement your in-house capability and consistently deliver on your project milestones.

Amplify Analytics increases the likelihood of product success, from candidate screening through to formulation and subsequent manufacturing, by implementing the developability classification system (DCS) and manufacturing classification system (MCS), informed by decisions based on robust analytical data, and providing absolute confidence in the process.

Join us on June 25th  to find out how Amplify Analytics can de-risk and accelerate your small molecule development projects.