Our list of webinars will cover a large range of industries focusing on the following industries: Pharma, Paint to Mining, Water, and Cement. I trust that you’ll find a subject that will spark your interest and our specialists will explain how our technologies can support your day to day challenges.

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1st – Pharmaceutical Masterclass 1: Optimizing Formulations via Targeted Physicochemical Analysis

Paul Kippax will consider the role that physicochemical analysis plays in formulation development. He will introduce the micro-structural analysis toolset available from Malvern Panalytical to support in vitro bioequivalence studies.

2nd – XRD phase quantification tutorial

Dr. Daniel Lee will demonstrate with several data sets on Malvern Panalytical’s new version of HighScore Plus. 

7th – Pharmaceutical Masterclass XRD: Solutions and Method Overview

This webinar presented by Natalia Dadivanyan will consider the pharmaceutical development workflow and map appropriate X-ray Diffraction and Scattering methods across the whole process. Furthermore, we will discuss how an appropriate method for XRPD analysis can be developed and implemented.

9th – Live demo at your desk: *New* Zetasizer Ultra, for dynamic light scattering

During this webinar, our specialists will run a variety of samples and demonstrate the new features of the Zetasizer Ultra as well as the data output in the software. We want to use this live virtual demo to showcase the speed, accuracy and repeatability of results as well as other value added features.

14th – Modelling Nanomedicines: Unchain your pharmacokinetic analysis for in vivo data

This talk is delivered by Dr. Matthias Wacker, who is an Associate Professor with the National University of Singapore’s Pharmacy department. He provides an outline of the latest methodologies in analyzing the pharmacokinetics of nanocarrier formulations with a clear perspective towards in vitro-in vivo correlations. 

15th – Precision mining: how knowing the exact mineralogy of your ores could save your company millions

During this webinar, Dr. Uwe König discusses case studies in which companies have saved millions just by knowing the exact mineralogy. All made possible by analyzing using X-ray diffraction.

16th – Particle Sizing Masterclass: When to Use Laser Diffraction and When to Use Dynamic Light Scattering – A Practical Guide

Have you ever wondered, what are the main differences and similarities are between Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Light Scattering? Perhaps you have come across a sample for which you are not sure what technique will provide the most accurate particle size results? John Ddungu will give you insights into these technologies

16th – Successfully fulfill your method transfer from Mastersizer 2000

This is a key webinar not to be missed for existing MS2000 users. Tamal Mukerjee will discuss the significant enhancements made to enable faster measurement times, extended capabilities for nanomaterials, and even coarse materials.

22nd – Enhance Trust in your X-ray Fluorescence Results with Traceable Application Development and The World’s First Synthetic CRM’s

In this webinar, Chantal Audet will explain how our Certified Reference Materials solutions and Enhanced Data Security software module help you achieve maximum trust in your results.

22nd – Live demo at your desk: a powerful alternative to handheld XRF or ICPMS

During this virtual demo on our compact XRF – the Epsilon 4, our application specialists will demonstrate how easy it is to prepare samples and operate the system and software.

23rd – Pharmaceutical Masterclass: Applying the Guidance in USP232 USP233 and ICH Q3D for Elemental Analysis

In this webinar, Nancy Lewen will explore the harmonization of USP <232>and ICH Q3D, along with the different analytical methods which can be used to measure elemental impurities in pharmaceutical products, intermediates, and raw materials as described in USP <233>.

28th – Discover Zetasizer Advance – Meet the New Line-up of Dynamic Light Scattering Instruments from the Pioneers of DLS Technology

Join us as we unveil the new and expanded Zetasizer range: Zetasizer Advance. During this exciting live launch event, Dr. Mike Kaszuba will introduce the new range and help you to pinpoint which system best fits your particle characterization requirements.

28th – XRD data analysis on HighScore Plus software – what’s new

This webinar presented by Dr. Thomas Deagen will focus on the easy automation functionalities with the latest version 4.9 of HighScore Plus for X-ray diffraction analysis. For instance smart batches, unsupervised and supervised learning.

28th – Microstructural Characterization of Topical Drug Products – Automated Microscopy and Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy

In this webinar, we describe how automated microscopy can allay some of the concerns outlined above and how MDRS can be used to develop, de-formulate, optimize and compare topical drug products.

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Here is the full list of the latest Malvern Panalytical webinars that have been presented.

Demo at your desk:

Laser Diffraction Masterclasses:

  1. Method Transfer
  2. Why do you Need Material Optical Properties?
  3. How can Material Optical Properties be Calculated/Estimated
  4. Optical Properties – How can material optical properties by measured
  5. Introduction to Laser Diffraction, Imaging & Dynamic Light Scattering 

Zetasizer Ultra Masterclasses:

  1. Why do I see large %CV in my particle concentration measurements?
  2. What reproducibility and repeatability can I expect from my particle concentration measurement of AAV’s?
Focus on Pharma:
Focus on Vaccine:
Focus on Battery:
Focus on Food:
Focus on Mining, Metals Production and Ore Processing:
Focus on Fusion:
Focus on XRF:
Focus on Polymer:

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