Please join us for the first OMNISEC Virtual User Meeting!  This event will allow OMNISEC users to come together and learn what’s new, how others use their instrument, and tips and tricks for successful analyses.

When is it?

The OMNISEC Virtual User Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4, from 1-4 pm eastern time.  You can register and find additional details at the event page here.  While the timing is best suited for those in North and South America, users from all over the globe are welcome to join.

Why should I attend?

Above all, the OMNISEC Virtual User Meeting aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and experience between our applications team and the scientists that regularly use OMNISEC.  Malvern Panalytical GPC/SEC experts and researchers from within the larger OMNISEC community will lead the presentations and demonstrate how they use their OMNISEC systems.

How do I contribute?

Firstly, we invite you to share a brief snippet describing how you use your OMNISEC.  For instance, relevant details can include your sample type, the molecular parameters of import, and how those provide you with specific solutions.  We will then highlight these applications to demonstrate OMNISEC’s versatility. To submit, please send snippets to

Secondly, you are welcome to bring questions to the meeting.  Similarly, we have time reserved to address questions that arise throughout the event. Moreover, questions submitted in advance are much appreciated – please send questions to

Meeting agenda:

1:00 - 1:10 pm Welcome & Poll
1:10 -2:05 pm Introduction to Measurements with OMNISEC
2:05 - 2:10 pm Virtual Coffee Break
2:10 - 2:25 pm The Value of Offline dn/dc Measurement: Combining a High-Quality
Refractometer and OMNISEC for Accurate Sample Characterization
Gabor Kiss, Chromis Technologies
2:25 - 3:10 pm New Features For OMNISEC
3:10 - 3:15 pm Virtual Coffee Break
3:15 - 3:30 pm Oligomericity Status and its Effects on Protein Activity and Stability,
Analysis Using the OMNISEC REVEAL and AUC Technologies
Bettina Bomarius, Georgia Tech
3:30 - 3:45 pm Highlights From Recent Publications With OMNISEC
3:45 - 4:00 pm Q&A

In short, don’t forget to register online through the event page!  Even if you can’t attend the event live, registration will ensure you receive a link to the recording. We look forward to “seeing” you in August!

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