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You have been using your Zetasizer for a while. Due to the current physical distancing situation you would like to move your Zetasizer to a different lab. Is it possible to just relocate a system to another building? What precautions should you take before moving a Zetasizer?

In principle this is valid for all models of both the classic Zetasizer Nano series and the Zetasizer Pro/Ultra series. And this is also applicable if you are expanding into a new facility, or creating an additional laboratory for your group.

Leaving from the old location

Before moving the Zetasizer, your system was probably connected to either a dedicated or shared computer. If the PC was shared with other instruments, then you may want to move the Zetasizer without the computer. Otherwise, take the PC or laptop along with the move. The specific steps in the departure process are

  • Exit the softwareZetasizer Nano in a brown cardboard box with Malvern Hills
  • Turn off the instrument, the switch is in the back panel
  • Disconnect the power cable from the instrument
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and from the instrument

Take the instrument to the new lab space, it can be rolled on a cart or simply carried for short distances. If you can take the computer along, please do so. For longer distances, you could pack the instrument in its original box.

Arriving at the new location

After moving the Zetasizer, make sure the new area is suitable, as described in the Ultra and Pro Basic Site Requirements, with access to a regular power outlet and suitable lab bench space.

  • Place the instrument near the computerengineer-in-new-lab-pipetting-samples
  • Connect the power cable
  • Turn the instrument on
  • On the computer you would like to use, install the appropriate software
  • Connect the USB cable from the instrument to the computer
  • Start the software

This should work smoothly. If not, you can certainly call our help desk or email. You could also follow video tutorials for self-installation instructions for the Zetasizer Pro/Ultra or for the Zetasizer Nano series.

Moving Zetasizer Nano data

There are two different processes of copying data from one computer to another depending on your instrument model. For the classic Zetasizer Nano, copy all “.dts” data files from the folder

C:\Users\your-user-name\Documents\Malvern Instruments\Zetasizer\Measurement Data

to the same folder on the new computer.

Moving Zetasizer Ultra data

In the Zetasizer Advance series (Pro and Ultra), there is a single database containing all measurement data. Therefore we first have to export all projects into “.zmes” files. This is done by highlighting each project, and then exporting it. The default folder for the “.zmes” files is

C:\Users\your-user-name\Documents\Malvern Instruments\ZS XPLORER\Measurement Data

and copy all the “.zmes” files to the new computer. Next you can import each data set, taking care to use meaningful project names. The export/import process is described a previous blog on how to export and import ZSX measurement files.

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