What’s in a name?

Zetasizer‘ has been a brand name of Malvern Panalytical’s since the early 1980s. This brochure for the Zetasizer II dates from around 1985 – that’s at least 35 years’ continuous service from a brand now synonymous with nanomaterial characterization! Of course, it has been delivered in many forms, sizes and ‘flavours’ over that time.

The underlying light scattering and signal processing technology and expertise at Malvern Panalytical go back even further – to the early 1970s. However, we’ve also always known that if customers cannot use and understand something, there is no point to high-end research…and at the core of the Zetasizer has always been the desire to enable the practical measurement science which enables groundbreaking research.

An icon of light scattering technology

For some, ‘Zetasizer’ might simply be the name of a scientific instrument – hopefully a very useful instrument that you use often! For us at Malvern Panalytical, though, it’s a bit of an icon! We hear from so many of our customers that their Zetasizer is a mainstay, in constant use for key products and processes, reliably producing data and delivering vital insights, year after year. We are hugely proud of the Zetasizer and all it stands for, and also all the amazing science it has enabled over the years, all around the globe.

For me personally, ‘Zetasizer’ is much more than just a name. It represents decades of friends and colleagues (including the occasional ‘eccentric’!) working together to develop, improve, expand and nurture the system. At the heart of every Zetasizer lies years of experience, and further years of listening to our users and making the system more accurate, more versatile, more simple, yet much more powerful. Every single Zetasizer is a labor of love and a celebration of technology!

Be first in line to meet the new Zetasizer family

If you want to understand what’s really ‘in a name’, learn about the key technologies that underpin the brand, and get a sneak preview of how we will be taking the Zetasizer forward over the years and perhaps decades ahead, please join my friend and colleague, Dr. Mike Kaszuba, on the 28th July. Find out how the Zetasizer’s journey started, and more importantly, where it is headed next!

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