This is of course a fundamental question to many of our customers, but not one that’s always easy to answer. Trust and confidence are very subjective terms that can mean very different things to different people. Is having a robust instrument and successfully running a daily Quality Control sample enough? Or do you need full traceability of the instrument setup and how the results were obtained?

When a customer approached us with the interest to completely switch their production control from ICP to X-ray fluorescence (XRF), we took a closer look at full traceability of the analysis. XRF is considered easier to use with simpler and safer sample preparation. As this happened to be a pharmaceutical customer, they asked for some modifications to our existing Enhanced Data Security package to provide them with the trust they needed.

I remember these discussions well as it quickly became apparent that these modifications would also provide trust to XRF users in other industries. We therefore reached out to some of those customers who either work with accredited labs, get audited by their own customers or had disputes with raw material suppliers. These customers where enthusiastic about the possibilities, and I remember the comments they made like “this will for sure make my life easier with the auditor”.

Knowing this solution will really help our customers made me even more enthusiastic to get it done and now it’s time. We are releasing our updated Enhanced Data Security Package as of SuperQ 6.4. If you’re interested in learning how this solution can help you to trust your analytical results, please make sure to join our webinar.