Halloween isn’t far away and our specialist will share the tips and tricks of the Mastersizer 3000! You may want to learn more about air pollution or how to optimize your water treatment plant. Perhaps join one of our ZetaClass series! These are just a few events we are running in October.

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6th – Zetasizer User Meeting

Learn about all the available resources for optimizing use of your system. Learn about interesting applications and publications of the Zetasizer.

7th – Nanoparticle size analysis training session

ZetaClass 1 is a comprehensive webinar series on dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering where our experts walk you through the basic measuring principles, data interpretation and tests performed to gauge data quality. Whether you are a new or advanced user of light scattering solutions, we will answer all your questions.  Register if you are Interested to improve your R&D / manufacturing process and gain more knowledge about the applications of particle size distribution using DLS? 

13th – OmniTrust Launch: Compliance solution for the regulated environment

Learn how we can help customers in the regulated environment and solve key analytical challenges, reduce risks, and help you accelerate your product to market. Join our live Q&A session.

14th – Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) data interpretation and troubleshooting

ZetaClass 2 – This webinar is led by Dr. Anand Tadas and will discuss the criteria/tests that are performed on the measured data and based on which the data quality is interpreted to be ‘good’ or ‘needs improvement’.

14th – Mastersizer 3000 Tips & Tricks

In this webinar, Anne Virden and John Ddungu will show you some of the software features that you may not yet have found! 

14th – Advance your thin films research for battery, semiconductor, electronics and more

We invite you to gain a deeper understanding of thin film materials research during our free workshop. 

15th – Precision elemental analysis: starting with good sample preparation practices

We are in touch with our clients and consistently, the major concern is how to improve accuracy during elemental quantification. Our expert chemists will discuss in detail about how sample preparation is the fundamental pillar of accuracy in analysis but not only.

20th – Air pollution: Complying with strict emission regulatory limits and norms for respirable air particulate matter

According to the WHO, air pollution alone causes around seven million premature deaths worldwide every year. Join our guest speaker, Carl Strautins, and learn about the norms and the available analytical tools to easily comply.

20th – How the QualitySpec 7000 over-the-conveyor NIR sensor enables automated iron ore processing

This presentation will provide an overview of the NIR method, current usage examples in operational mines, and an overview of how the QualitySpec 7000 over-the-conveyor NIR sensor enables ore processing automation.

21st – Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS) for Zeta potential measurements​

ZetaClass 3 – This webinar discusses the parameters a user should consider to assess the quality of the measurement data obtained.

28th – Optimising your water treatment process

The benefits of using zeta potential measurement to determine water treatment-control strategies have been documented through case studies and will be reviewed. Based on plant processing requirements, on-line real-time monitoring is often preferred so that small changes in zeta potential can be immediately identified for water treatment optimization.

30th – Applications of Zetasizer series across different sectors of the industry​

ZetaClass 4 – This webinar discusses the various applications of Zetasizer series across all different sectors and segments of the industry.

Stay tuned to this blog, as more webinar information and Q&A transcripts are ever on the way!

Here is the full list of the latest Malvern Panalytical webinars that have been presented.

Demo at your desk:

Laser Diffraction Masterclasses:

  1. Method Transfer
  2. Why do you Need Material Optical Properties?
  3. How can Material Optical Properties be Calculated/Estimated
  4. Optical Properties – How can material optical properties by measured
  5. Introduction to Laser Diffraction, Imaging & Dynamic Light Scattering 

Zetasizer Ultra Masterclasses:

  1. Why do I see large %CV in my particle concentration measurements?
  2. What reproducibility and repeatability can I expect from my particle concentration measurement of AAV’s?
Focus on Pharma:
Focus on Vaccine:
Focus on Battery:
Focus on Food:
Focus on Mining, Metals Production and Ore Processing:
Focus on Fusion:
Focus on XRF:
Focus on Polymer:

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