As we approach the end of 2020, it’s safe to say that lots has happened… but what have we been up to at Malvern Panalytical? Well, in between developing new technologies, we’ve also been sharing stories on one of the hottest new manufacturing topics: additive manufacturing (AM). From how to characterize metal powders, to AM’s sustainability benefits, here are our top picks:

Characterizing the particle size and shape of metal powders for additive layer manufacturing

Our first additive manufacturing blog dived deep into the world of metal powder bed fusion – including the tools that help you ensure the best possible powder quality.

Using triple-detection GPC to study polymer aging in 3D printing applications

Polymer aging of polyamide 12 is a key barrier to selective laser sintering AM – so how can we manage the aging process better? Find out in this blog!

Determining the particle size distribution of metal powders on the Mastersizer 3000

Optimizing particle size is essential in all kinds of additive manufacturing. In this story, we explored how laser diffraction on the Mastersizer 3000 makes this easier than ever.

Time to unlock a new manufacturing era

Tailored medicines, ultra-light fuel nozzles, and even 3D-printed neighborhoods are at our fingertips – here, you can find out what we need to make them a reality.

Want to know the secret to successful additive manufacturing?

This post gives an overview of the essential characteristics to control for successful additive manufacturing. With these, the sky is the limit – why not check out the blog today?

The use of XRD for additive manufacturing of metals

Want to understand how X-ray diffraction (XRD) can help you achieve more consistent powders for metal AM? This blog has you covered!

Could additive manufacturing be the future for sustainability?

Did you know that additive manufacturing has multiple environmental benefits? Here, we explored just a few of them – and the solutions needed to make them happen.

Without a doubt: the future is additive

Additive manufacturing is set to spark a manufacturing revolution – here, we look ahead to the impact it could have, and the solutions that will help build this new world.

Thank you for reading our blogs – we hope you enjoyed them! And, if you’ve got a suggestion for a future blog topic, just let us know. You can look forward to many more AM stories in the new year, starting with ‘Unlocking Powder Recycling in Polymer Additive Manufacturing‘. In the meantime, enjoy re-reading these ones, and have a very happy holiday!