Whether it’s a new phone or a new car, everyone loves an upgrade. But not all technology upgrades are created equal: while some offer helpful improvements, others change how we use that technology forever. Take the move from 3G to 4G mobile networks at the start of this decade, for example. By delivering faster, lower-latency connections, 4G enabled the rise of apps, smartphone-based social media, and online video content.

Without 4G, we wouldn’t have Netflix, Uber, or FaceTime as we know them today – difficult to imagine after a year where we’ve relied so much on online connections. And, of course, the upcoming transition to 5G will impact our personal and professional lives even further, enabling a new world of artificial intelligence, smart cities, and autonomous driving.

Aeris: Designed for evolution

At Malvern Panalytical, we understand the major impact a technology upgrade can have. In fact, upgrades are our specialty – our scientists are always designing and developing newer versions of our analysis systems. Not only that, but each of our systems is specifically designed to evolve alongside technological advancements, to make any transitions as smooth and effective as possible.

Our X-ray diffractometer (XRD), Aeris, is a great example. From the start, it’s offered the features of a floor-standing system in a modern, compact unit. Its sturdy, radiation-safe interior has plenty of room for full-size optical components and a full two-axis goniometer. And, because it’s designed based on full-size regular sample stage and prefix optical mounting, Aeris can easily be adapted for new optics and features when it’s time for the next update.

Something’s coming…

In fact, after four very successful years with our current Aeris Research system, that time is almost here. That’s right – we’ll soon be launching a brand-new version: ‘Aeris Research: Powering the next generation of XRD’! We think this model will raise the bar for benchtop XRD higher than ever – so we had to give you a small teaser.

We don’t want to give too much away yet – but we can tell you that the updated Aeris Research will make examining thin film coatings easier than ever, take your data quality to new levels, and provide unparalleled experimental security. Curious? That’s all we can say for now, but we can’t wait to share more very soon. So, stay tuned – and get ready for a truly revolutionary upgrade!

Interested in how Aeris Research can support your projects? Reach out to our experts today – and make sure to check out our updated webpages after the launch!