Decreasing ore grades and the need for more efficiency let mining companies adapt to on-line monitoring of material streams in the mine and during ore processing. Real-time information is necessary to react fast to changes in composition and quality and to avoid process equipment downtime. In this webinar series, now available as recording, we demonstrate the value of on-line monitoring of particle size, elemental and mineralogical composition and moisture, either directly in the mine or close to process equipment.

The first of the three webinars about on-line solutions in mining outlines how real-time monitoring of material streams can reduce costs of downstream processing by fast counteractions on changing ore compositions.

The second webinar demonstrates the principles of real-time elemental analysis which provides important information to control material streams in the mining, minerals, and metals industry. The PFTNA technology its implementation, limitations, and design considerations for maximal accuracy and precision will be explained.

Our third webinar, provides an overview of the NIR (near-infrared) technique, the value, and its use to control mineralogy and process parameter over-the-conveyor belt in the mine or processing plant.

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