Battery technology is rapidly evolving – and manufacturers’ needs are evolving along with it. To achieve fast commercialization in this market environment, manufacturers must be able to optimize and maintain product quality – and for this, they need accurate data on production processes and materials, particularly those concerning the electrode components.

The analytical capabilities of Malvern Panalytical and NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing can be applied to broad areas of the battery manufacturing process. Following the successful joint webinar on March 11th, we are now hosting another joint webinar. In this two-part webinar on June 17th, the two companies dive further into their collaboration, potential applications and answer your questions!

Improve your battery’s performance – introducing advanced analytical techniques

Our battery experts explain the theory of the proven analytical methods and instruments used for quality control and process efficiency.

Complementary techniques and live demonstration We are moving from theory to practical experience. 

Our experts first give a comprehensive overview of the complementary techniques that battery researchers and manufacturers can engage. This is followed by two live demonstrations. Battery experts from Malvern Panalytical and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing will provide practical tips during this live demo on how to prepare samples, perform measurements and evaluate the results with the respective software solutions.

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  • Maximilian Münzner
  • Torsten Remmler
  • Mark Wingfield
  • Robert Taylor

Who should attend?

  • Battery industry members in charge of Engineering, Operations, Product Management, Quality Assurance
  • Any research organizations working on battery
  • Anyone interested to expand their analytical characterization applications

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