Separate the components of your sample to accumulate knowledge!

I always find it incredibly exciting to talk about new features and functionality that we have created for our systems… and this time is no different! I understand that systems need to be continually improved and expanded to meet our users’ evolving needs. We have listened, and that’s why we are bringing some great new features to OMNISEC that unlock possibilities far beyond the system’s existing capabilities.

The impact of OMNISEC

I have been working with the separations products at Malvern Panalytical for the better part of 10 years. What started out as a short temporary position has evolved over the years, and now I am responsible for the management of our incredible size exclusion chromatography system, OMNISEC. Seeing what can be achieved with this type of system, and the impact of the information it provides on our customers and their work has kept me more than interested all these years. Introducing new features is even more exciting!

Leading multi-detection SEC system

OMNISEC, as it stands right now, offers market-leading sensitivity, stability and compliance to give you the SEC data you need, in the format in which you need to see it. It also combines the advanced detection experience of light scattering and viscometry with the more traditional column calibration techniques.

A world of new possibilities!

I have seen first-hand the user demand for additional information that will enable the development of new technologies by our customers. That is why we are launching our new compositional analysis feature!

As the name suggests, the primary information generated by this analysis method is detail on the precise composition of a sample. But we haven’t stopped there! We’ve taken the primary data this feature generates, and added further results and calculations essential for application spaces including vaccines, gene therapy and biopharmaceutical development. As if that wasn’t enough, this feature is not limited just to these application spaces but it also enables the analysis of copolymers – whether they are used in drug delivery or advanced materials development! We’ve been working hard in the MEGAlab, the home of creativity and invention at Malvern Panalytical, to enhance, fine-tune and perfect these great additions. Join us on April 22nd to get the inside view of this new feature!