Image of a rapid train pulling into  the station. Follow these 5 steps for rush orders for a system so that everything is ready for fast processing on our side. (tips by Ulf Nobbmann)
In a rush to get your system, ensure on-time delivery with these 5 tips – Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Rush orders – there are times when we need something quickly, with fast delivery. And this can also happen with rush orders for laboratory equipment, like a Zetasizer, an OMNISEC, or any of our systems. If you are in a rush to get a system into your lab, here is a list to consider. It will help both you and us to make this process as easy as possible. So here are my 5 Tips to support rush orders and fast delivery:

  1. Make sure your account manager is aware
  2. Extra caution when ordering through 3rd parties
  3. What is the physical address that can accept this delivery
  4. When is your site ready to receive the system
  5. Track the shipment!

Make sure your account manager is aware of the rush

Let your account manager know that you are in a rush, so that they can document this as a rush order in our ordering system. The sooner you mention it the better, so that everyone is aware of your special requirements. We can also make sure that everything is set up correctly in our system before your order arrives. We internally have to initiate certain logistics. So in order to minimize any delays, please start this process as soon as possible to enable a rapid ordering process.

Extra caution with 3rd parties for rush orders

If you place your order through an external purchasing agent, or any different entity or foundation – please inform your account manager! The third party will have to be set up in our internal system, so let your account manager know as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth order. It is typically quite simple when the third party is already in our system. But it can lead to unnecessary delay if we have to enter them from scratch – which is not ideal for a rush order.

Physical address for the delivery

Please confirm with your account manager the actual ship-to address of your system. Please enter this address into google maps and see if this is an actual real address. If there are any “peculiarities” with this address (for example the actual physical address is on the opposite side of the mailing address, please make a note of this. So that if it is part of the shipping instructions the courier then knows to ring the doorbell across the street. It is the critical last mile for rush orders). Please also encourage the department in your organization that issues your purchase order to provide the physical delivery address.

When is your site ready?

Confirm with your account manager the date at which you are ready to first use the equipment. In other words, we want to make sure that the system can be received, accepted, and installed at your site. So that we can be certain that you are not in the middle of a move to a new laboratory or building or facility. Or that some local holiday prevents us from delivering the system. What date is the soonest we can deliver. Even for a rush order.

Track the shipment of your rush order

Finally, bug your account manager for the tracking number of the shipment. Then set yourself an alert for that tracking number. You can go to the shipper’s website (for example FedEx, DHL, Geodis), enter the tracking number to check on the status, and easily enable an automatic alert for any irregularities. Or ask someone in your group to set up an alert for tracking this rush order. If anything unusual or strange happens then reach out to your account manager so that they can help with the resolution.

If you follow these 5 tips then ‘fingers crossed’ you’ll get your system as soon as you expected it, and it will make it as smooth as possible for both of us.

PS: If you want to be extra-pro-active email the answers to the first 4 points to your account manager, referencing this blog.

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