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The recent news that Concept Life Sciences (CLS) has fully integrated with Malvern Panalytical opens new possibilities. This partnership means we can offer flexible analytical solutions to help customers stretch their budget: purchase an instrument to make your own measurements or rely on our in-house contract development and manufacturing services to deliver the results.

The integration also gives our team the opportunity to share research and solutions through Malvern Panalytical’s events program. Next week, I’m teaming up with Graeme Clarke to present the webinar, Cutting-edge strategies for successful ProTide discovery.

Nucleosides and nucleotides in drug discovery

Drug discovery is riddled with scientific, technological, ethical and economical hurdles that must be overcome before a medicine finds its way to patients. For some drug families, these hurdles can seem unsurmountable. Take nucleosides and nucleotides, which once within cell nuclei can exert potent pharmacological effects to treat cancers and viral infections. However, their safe intracellular delivery presents a real technological challenge. This critical process is rendered impossible by the high polarity and instability associated with this class of compounds.

ProTides: the prodrug of prodrugs

ProTide technology, developed through research led by Chris McGuigan and co-workers, aims to address this predicament. These prodrugs of nucleotides are chemically modified to mask the problematic phosphate moiety and aid intracellular delivery. Once safely in the cell, the ProTide is processed by the cell’s metabolic machinery to reveal the active nucleotide and enable the desired pharmacological effect.

The evolution of the ProTide technology

Recent scientific breakthroughs have unleashed the potential of ProTides to treat not only viral infections but also cancers, and many more diseases. ProTides have delivered novel therapeutics to treat HCV and HBV. And, in 2020 ProTides gained worldwide attention with the approval of Remdesivir in over 50 countries for the treatment of COVID-19.

How can we help you?

Join our experts, Dr. Thomas Pesnot (Head of Medicinal Chemistry) and Dr. Graeme Clark (VP of DMPK and Bioanalysis) on a journey to ProTide drug discovery. In this webinar, they will introduce the principles of ProTide drug discovery, discuss the specific challenges associated with compound class and highlight cutting-edge strategies to address these challenges. Finally, they will share their thoughts on the future of the ProTides and present new opportunities for therapeutic interventions offered by this technology.

About the webinar

  • Title: Cutting-edge strategies for successful ProTide discovery
  • When: 12 May, 10.30 New York | 15.30 London | 16.30 Paris
  • Who should attend: Scientists interested in prodrug pharmaceutical research (industrial, biotech or pharma)