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What is the best way to get support for your Malvern Panalytical instrument? Well, we have several methods, and I am going to let you in on a secret. The easiest is through our new web portal. Just fill in as much info as you can, and let our organization do its work behind the scenes. Here is how to get the fastest support for your instrument through the ‘help for my instrument’ customer support portal.

Dedicated Customer Support Portal

This is a fancy name for creating and logging an issue or case in our system. A ticket or ‘case number’ is automatically created so that we can track whether there is any progress, and how we can best help you. It is a very simple webform, and there is minimal information needed. Of course, the more info you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help. So I encourage you to add the serial number of your instrument, the software version, the Windows operating system – and a good description of your problem. Below is a link to the customer support portal (click on the image):

customer support web portal help for my instrument. get help for your instrument support issue by filing this form with us. At minimum enter the Product - and if you can provide thee serial number, software version, and Windows operating system with a description of the problem you are experiencing. This logs it in our system to make sure we get back to your as quickly as possible.
Easily create a support case in our customer portal. Click on the image to get to the live form on the web

What is my “product” ?

The product is the instrument you have. Since we offer many different systems and variants, we can route your request to the best person right away. If you don’t know the exact “product” not to worry. Just select the appropriate product range. For example, the “Aeris range”, “Claisse range”, “Empyrean range”, “Mastersizer range” , “MicroCal range”, “Zetasizer Advance range”. In that case, please add the serial number, which allows us to identify the correct model variant.

What is my software version?

Typically, you can open the software and go to Help – About to find the software version.

How to find the software version of your system. either help - about, or click in the upper left corner to get to the About menu. depending on software version and windows flavor.

Or the very upper corner left menu item and “About”. Through this detail we can alert you of any new version available for you.

What is my Windows version?

In order to find your windows version, go to the main Windows page. In the lower left corner of that main page, where it says “Type here to search” enter “version”. For previous Windows versions, find the System information on the Control Panel. Or, from a DOS cmd prompt, type “systeminfo”. For tricky installation problems it may also help to add the type of computer processor you have.

typical system info for a windows 10 computer. the version, in this case 10.0.18363 build 18363 may help us identify and resolve a specific compatibility issue.

Where is my serial number to add to the customer support portal?

This may sometimes appear in the software (lower right corner, hover over tool-tip when connected to an instrument). Otherwise, find the serial number on the instrument label. Often, this is in the back, near where the power cord connects to the instrument. You may also be able to locate it on a service ID tag somewhere on the side of the system. Oh, for the Zetasizer Nano there is even a tag on a pullout tray.

The serial number may be a little tricky to find – but it really, REALLY helps us to get you back up and running quickly.

Describe your problem!

This is your field to get into the details. At this stage it is all text. For instance, how did you encounter the crash? Firstly you connected the instrument. Then you started the software, etc. Be as concise as you want. The main thing is to get this issue into the system. Once we have the case, we will link you in by email. And then you can add email screen images and expand details for the support team.

With all the above info, you should be in perfect position for a rapid response through our customer support portal with the goal to provide “help for your instrument”. So go ahead, and test that online support portal on your next quest for help from Malvern Panalytical.

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