They say that a picture is worth a thousand words….but what if you still have a thousand words? The Zetasizer ZS Xplorer software is a powerful tool for making your size and zeta potential measurements. There are several ways for you to customize your workspace and tables in the software with an abundance of parameters to choose from.  Understanding the meaning behind all the terms enables you to appreciate both the hardware and software’s versatility.  Furthermore, having a glossary of these terms provides valuable insight.  

One of the ways to access the different terms, is to select Analyze Tab in the menu bar:

Image 1 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg

Then select the “Customs” Tab and create a “Parameter Table” in the workspace:

Image 2 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg

Once you create the parameter table, you can view the full list of parameters by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and clicking the cog:

Image 3 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg

Once you see the separate Parameters window, expand all the options, and see the full list of terms:

Image 4 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg

Alternatively, you can access a shorter list of parameters by clicking on the cog in the upper right corner of the Record Selector:

Image 5 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg
Image 6 TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg

Furthermore, you can also access a short list of parameters by creating a Statistics Table:

statistic table TN210413-Zetasizer-Terminology.jpg


Download the technical note with the full list of Zetasizer definitions here.

Check out our Zetasizer Advance Series – YouTube channel to learn more about setting up and analyzing Size and Zeta Potential measurements in the software.