Sometimes, a clearer, more detailed view is just what you need for a breakthrough. Just take the microscope. Since its invention in 1609 by Galileo Galilei, this instrument has helped us diagnose and treat all kinds of diseases, carry out forensic investigations, and test the safety of our infrastructure. These developments have all significantly improved our health, safety, and wellbeing – all because we were able to see the tiny structures that make up our world for ourselves.

Materials analysis is no different – particularly when it comes to particle size analysis using laser diffraction. While data and measurements go a long way, they don’t give you the whole picture. At the same time, the volume of data generated by laser diffraction can quickly get overwhelming. When it comes to getting to know your materials and developing new methods easily, there’s nothing better than actually being able to see your sample up close.

See deeper with the Hydro Insight

Enter our Hydro Insight. A new dynamic imaging accessory for the Mastersizer 3000 that gives you real-time images of your particles at the same time as your laser diffraction measurements. And it can do this either for individual particles or the whole dispersion. With both high-resolution imaging and the wide dynamic range of laser diffraction, you’ve got a comprehensive overview of your materials.

But that’s not all. Based on this imaging, the Hydro Insight also gives you quantitative data on the shape of your particles, alongside the data on particle size from the laser diffraction measurements. In this way, it allows you to understand how the combination of particle size and shape affects your materials – so you can get to the bottom of why your materials behave the way they do.

Making troubleshooting and method development easy

Thanks to these features, troubleshooting unexpected particle size results is no issue. Simply use the Hydro Insight’s imaging function to see whether you’ve got some oversized particles, agglomerates, or something else. That means you can enjoy complete confidence in your materials.

What’s more, the Hydro Insight’s data can also help you develop new particle sizing methods more quickly, since you can see your dispersion throughout the process. No more time spent preparing secondary samples and examining them under a microscope! And, thanks to its particle width and elongation data, the Hydro Insight can also accelerate your switch from sieving to laser diffraction, helping you understand how shape affects the way you measure your particles.

Small insights make a big difference

In other words, the Hydro Insight provides an ideal way to understand your materials better, troubleshoot more easily, and develop new particle sizing methods more quickly. With these capabilities, you can be truly confident of your final product’s quality – and ultimately, deliver high-performance innovations that will make our future better. Just like the microscope, the Hydro Insight shows that small insights really do make a big difference.

Want to know more about how Hydro Insight can take your particle size analysis to the next level? Join us for the digital launch on July 6.