A GPC/SEC system contains a lot of parts!  In addition to columns and standards, there are a number of consumable items required to actually use the instrument.  Since I didn’t get to them in my last post, this one will discuss some of the most popular consumables used with OMNISEC

But first, where can I order these items?

The links I’ve included throughout will take you to the corresponding product page on our eStore.  From here, you can browse individual parts, check lead times, generate a quote, and place your order at your convenience.  OMNISEC alone has over 100 consumables listed – go check it out!


four different types of autosampler vials for OMNISEC

You have options when it comes to choosing an autosampler vial for your samples.  The most popular choice is the standard 2 mL vial.  If you don’t like the idea of leaving behind unusable sample at the bottom of the vial, the 1.5 mL tapered vials may suit your needs.  Furthermore, if you have a limited quantity of precious sample, the mid-volume 950 µL and low volume 350 µL vials might be the best fit for your application.


filters for use with sample preparation, mobile phase, and post-column filter in OMNISEC

An important part of maintaining the health of your system is to ensure your samples and mobile phase are properly prepared.  We offer a pack of Nylon syringe filters with 0.2 µm pores that you can use to filter most organic and aqueous samples.  To help with the mobile phase, a 10 µm reservoir filter ensures dust and other particulates stay out of your system

And last but certainly not least: the post-column filter.  I’ve highlighted its importance, how to change it, and its replacement parts in the linked post from last month.

Tubing & connections

stainless steel & PTFE tubing, nuts, ferrules, & union for OMNISEC

Occasionally, you may need to replace pieces of tubing within your OMNISEC.  It’s important to remember that all tubing between the injection valve and the exit port of REVEAL has an inner diameter of 0.01 inches (sometimes referred to as “ten thousandths”).  Using tubing with a wider inner diameter will increase band broadening and negatively impact your chromatography.  Fortunately, narrow-bore tubing with a 0.01 inch inner diameter is available in both stainless steel (10 feet) and PTFE (50 feet).  A wheel cutter is handy when working with stainless steel tubing!

Connecting the new tubing will require stainless steel nuts and ferrules to make new fittings.  During maintenance procedures, it is often useful to replace columns or other components with a stainless steel union.


OMNISEC RESOLVE PM kit contents: pump seal, check valve, rotor, syringe, needle

Pump and autosampler components aren’t consumables in the same way as vials and filters but spare parts are good to have on hand.  Pump seals and check valves are available individually.  Please note that you will need four pump seals and two check valves for full service.  If you’re having injection issues, you can replace the sample syringe, needle, and injection valve rotor in the autosampler of OMNISEC RESOLVE.

If you’re replacing multiple pump components simultaneously, you might want to consider the OMNISEC RESOLVE preventative maintenance (PM) kit.  This includes all the aforementioned parts to care for your pump – in one convenient package!

And if you’d prefer to leave your pump maintenance to us, no problem!  We have a range of service plans available.  You can find details (where else?!) – on the eStore!

OMNISEC consumables kit

If you want to restock your consumables and spare parts all at once, check out our OMNISEC consumables kit.  I’ve listed the included parts below. 

OMNISEC consumables kit content list

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I hope these links and this checklist make it easy for you to use the eStore to get what you need.  Furthermore, if you have any questions about these consumables or replacement parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email me directly at kyle.williams@malvernpanalytical.com

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