A customer success story

This story is about a customer that owns many laboratories to conduct precise and accurate analytical testing of all kinds of geological samples. He decided to move to automated fusion to better support production volume, reduce employee costs, and obtain better final analytical results.


The first automated fusion instruments they used to first work with were supplied by gas. However, the quality of propane would vary depending on the region of the world where it was used. Since there was no consistent supply of good gas for laboratories located in remote areas, it soon affected productivity. Also, the sample throughput became so high that there was a need for higher productivity and lower instrument downtime.


The customer decided to kill two birds with one stone by buying a 6-position TheOx® Advanced heavy-duty electric fusion machine. He was happy with the high productivity of this instrument, its low downtime, and increased analytical performance.


In a little, more than one-month using TheOx Advanced, one of the customer’s laboratories saw almost a 55% production increase in the number of fusions performed. In the same time frame, the same laboratory went from 1500 repreparations with the previous instruments to only 120 repreparations with the new instrument, meaning that the repreparation rate dropped from 12% to 3%.

Their experts would always provide us with customized recipes to improve our production targets, they were also very responsive to constructive criticism

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