We’re all busy. Constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently and to save time and money. Wondering what it would be like, having a new, trusted team member who’s completely dedicated to bringing you your data so that you can focus on the more important activities.

Whatever industry you’re in, finding efficient ways to monitor quality in real-time, can prove to be a challenge. Especially if you have limited human resources. What’s more, quality issues can often be subtle and hard to identify. But, when production quality can have such a large impact on efficiency and/or yield, it’s important to find and resolve issues – without fail.

Enhance your lab environment performance

Have you thought of automation yet? The automated laboratory is a multi-disciplinary strategy to increase productivity and reduce lab process cycle times by using technological possibilities. And if you think it is not for you, think twice. Because it comes in all sorts and sizes. In Dutch we’d say ‘Je kunt het zo gek maken als je zelf wilt’. When literally translated, that means something along the lines of “You can make it as crazy as you want”. Automation solutions can vary from sample taking to reporting to LIMS, MES and ERP systems.

Among other things, elemental and mineralogical composition, particle size distribution measurements, monitoring of process parameters, loss of ignition (LOI), and combustion analysis are automatable. Also, the complete sample preparation process; crushing, milling, grinding, pressing, bead making, and fusion can go hand in hand with automation. With that, the level of equipment varies as well – from ‘single lines’ (one preparation machine coupled with one analysis system) to multiple lines where a number of preparation machines can be coupled to a number of analysis systems.

In other words, within an automated laboratory, the complete sample transportation, preparation, and analysis process can be automated. Automation projects can cover all steps involved in process monitoring and quality control:

  • Sample treatment before sending
  • Sample transportation to and within the laboratory
  • Preparation of the sample material
  • Sample analysis and results distribution
  • Control of the automated laboratory
  • Turn-key container solutions.

Reduced costs, higher productivity

One way or the other, automation can make it easier to monitor the production process and identify even the smallest of quality issues. Push-button analysis solutions enable you to optimize the production process and increase production efficiency, with no more human intervention than needed. It will result in a fast return of investments and higher turnovers and you will save manpower that could be allocated in other places. Specifically, with automation you could benefit from:

  • Concrete input, giving direction to the process optimization process.
  • Accurate and rapid feedback to help you make the right decisions more quickly.
  • High-quality data, enabling you to optimize processes to maintain product quality and efficiency standards.

Based on your needs, we can design an automated laboratory for you and with you. At Malvern Panalytical we have built automation projects since 1994. Our expertise and resources can support you with the adoption of the relevant new technologies. To help you take the first step toward automation, you can trust our experts to guide you in technology selection, according to your product characterization needs.

Watch this video to discover our automated analytical solutions and find out how our projects can cover all steps involved in process control and quality control.